Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I had a fabulous Mother's Day! :) It was spent loving on these people.

And enjoying these...

And getting a mani/pedi with my sweet 7 year old. All in all a fabulous day in my book.

Love/Hate relationship

Reece and Ava have a sweet friendship forming. She tolerates him being in her face all.the.time. He likes to get up close and personal. She puts him in his place with a eye poke or two and in return he gets even closer. Pure love I tell you. It is super fun having these two sweethearts close in age.

Joneses, Jones' or Jones's

Which ever way you spell it we are keeping up with them. :)

We got to take a trip down to Keller a few weeks ago and had a blast. They didn't disappoint in supplying the perfect weekend away. We love them so much.