Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The shirt once again! :)

This morning we had to rush out and get Reece's picture taken because of the storm a brewing.  I didn't want to wait another day.  We had already been delayed in getting it taken so I felt time was against us big time.  But alas here are the proofs of my sweetheart.  He CRIED big time when I put him down and we only got 2 really good shots but that is all it takes.  He melts my heart with that smile of his.

 And just because it is fun to compare here is Mason in March 2008
 Cannon August 2006
 Gracelyn July 2003

Gracelyn and Mason favor so much but Cannon and Reece are spitting images of each other.  YIKES! :)

Don't worry I didn't forget my love's 4th birthday and party.  The post is forming.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I take pictures all the live long day.  Seriously I have about 700 on my camera waiting to be downloaded and that is just from January.  At the end of the month I download off the camera and put them into the new folder waiting to house my memories.  

Problem is I blog more than that BUT the pictures that correlate with the story are still on my camera.  See the problem?  The dilemma?

The solution you say is to download the pictures more often, even just doing it weekly might help me???  Really?? 

Not so sure I agree.  Then I would have 4-5 mini folders within the main folder and I don't like that. 

You think I am a complainer?  hmmm... we'll see about that.  humph!

What I should be complaining about is that our water heater went out.  Well actually just the thermal coupling.  Cameron tried to replace it last night and the one he replaced it with was broken.  A very select group of people know our situation with our WH.  The pilot NEVER stays lit.  It is a perfectly good WH and actually only 5 years old but we are CHEAP and since it works we haven't ever replaced it. When you need hot water you just go light the pilot.  Not a hard thing since it is in the hallway and all.  Well over time it wasn't staying lit even for a little while so you would have to relight it several times throughout the day.

Yesterday was the day that after the 20th time to light the stupid thing I complained to Cameron.  I had kept my frustrations to myself because as much as I wanted him to say, "Yes, my love, I know what a burden this WH situation puts on your life.  I will go replace it RIGHT NOW."  He didn't.  His response was to hit the tank and say a few choice words and then stare at it a while.  Novel idea.  

But it is getting a new thermal coupling and maybe, just maybe, I can go back to lighting the darn thing just 1-2 times a day.

( I am fully aware how weird this situation is now after I have written it out. I am fully aware that we are cheap. I am fully aware that our new house will not have this problem.  I am fully aware I haven't mentioned a new house before, therefore I am leaving you with a cliff hanger!)

In the mean time I gave the kids individual baths in the kitchen sink.  Not all of them fit.  In fact just Reece and Mason did.  I heated water on the stove and they have nice hot bathes.  I had to convince 2 of my darlings that this wasn't weird and that other people often did this as well.  Right, RIGHT??  Point being, yes we could have loaded up and gone to any of our friend's and family's houses and I might have even taken a bath in a adult size tub for once.  BUT this was way more fun and not a hint of trouble. Note the sarcasm. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

a celebration

Birthdays are BIG in our house.  I try hard to make the actual day just as special as the party day.  Rarely are they on the same day so for our family of 6 we try to go the extra mile on the actual day of birthday.  Yesterday was Cameron's 36th birthday.  He is now in his mid/late thirties. I am nipping at his heels so I can't say anything!! :)

Much love sweetheart.  You deserve the moon!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Settling in

The New Year has found us once again and I find myself reflecting on the past and anticipating the future. We lived a full year.  Wonderful memories were made.  Friendships were strengthened, faith was tested, kids were loved.  It was a good year.  What do I have on the horizon in front of me?  I am not sure but I know that just like 2010 there will be much living to do in 2011. 

The hugest task is settling into a new church family.  We will forever be connected to the families we shared life with over the past 22 months.  We were taught, challenged, strengthened and blessed.  God took the opportunity to mold a group of people into servants.  We were getting filled in a way that I refer to as ministry boot camp.  It wasn't perfect the entire duration and the flesh got in the way a few times but over the course of our time together we have learned.  Learned about people, learned about God, learned about ourselves.  We have become equipped to go out into the churches of Amarillo and spread the seeds that we collected. 

So the closing of our church isn't the end.  It is the continuation of LTM's hard work.  It is the continuation of our heart.  It is the continuation of the ministers that were uncovered.

It is sad yes.  Everything that comes to an end is sad to a degree for sure.  But it isn't over.  God's work is never over.  We are given an unique opportunity that most people don't get.  I wouldn't have predicted this opportunity 22 months ago, but I am so thankful for it. 

God is good...All the time!