Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2nd Grade Sock Hop

Gracelyn got to participate in the 32428th Annual Sock Hop at school. Seriously I have no idea the number of years this program has been performed but believe me it has been forever. And you know us teachers once we get an idea in our heads we don't let go. So until there is a change of charge in the 2nd grade I predict 3 more sock hops in my future.

The dancing was cute, the costumes adorable, the smiles bright. The tension of boys and girls dancing together thick as pea soup. I kept thinking if there were things that could be done differently while breaking them up into gender groups that would have enhanced their performances. Gracelyn dreaded every day of practice because of her partner who was a perfectly fine little boy. But she couldn't stand to be in his presence because in her mind boys are gross and although from afar they can be friends and playmates you DON'T dance with them. Her partner who has been the thorn in her side (not really him just the thought of the whole mess) was absent last night so she got with another boy whose partner was missing and it was much better. She said her partner knew the part and only a few times did I see her directing him on what to do. She knows her stuff on dancing, singing and performing. She takes it serious and was sooo afraid that her first partner was going to mess up and embarrass them. I had it in my mind I was going to go up to him last night and give him a hug for putting up with Miss Bossy Pants for 3 months. But alas it all worked out and she smiled a few times. :)
I did think she looked just beautiful. Makes me realize in this picture that she is growing into a young lady and moving into a new stage of being a school-aged child. Hard to explain but soooo different than in the past few months. Mature but not mature beyond her years in a way that makes her weird. And she likes barbies and dolls just as much as before so really I can't put my finger on what is so awesome about her right now. She just is.
She is the little Sock Hopper in the light pink skirt.

Arrange marriages aren't a bad thing right?!?!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Playing Hookie

Right before we unloaded at the park I shout (Yes I had to shout because it was loud in there with all these kids. I LOVED IT THOUGH) "Hey kids look this way"~Of course Gracelyn is the only one who knows a photo is about to be taken and we take this serious in our house. I want faces people!!!!

Again I say look here guys and I only see one little smiley face. One nose picker, one ipod player and one dog scratcher. Reece would have smiled at me I am sure of it. He's obedient like that.

GUYS!!! LOOK AT ME!!! And low and behold I get faces turned my way. Still a nose picker and a disgruntled 3 year old but I did get a Clayton smile along with G still posing of course.Wednesday Gracelyn didn't have school because our school district allows all children who do not take the TAKS test to stay home. It was AWESOME to get a day to play hookie. I really felt like we were suppose to close the doors and make sure no one saw that we were all well (FINALLY). But alas we made the trek to the park with all the bikes loaded in the back along with an extra. Clayton is our neighbor who God blessed us with. He's G's age but he doesn't leave the little boys out. Best of both worlds. Anyways we were packed. I loved it. We rode and walked for a long time and then played a good bit as well.

Mason got a new Huffy for his birthday. He loves it and we love that he loves it so much. Of course I find it funny the manual is still attached with zip ties to the bike. Who knows it might stay that way now. I am pretty sure Cameron has bikes figured out and doesn't need to consult the manual. :thumbsup: He thinks he is pretty much a rock star on his bike. We do too!

I love this pointy chin. There is something about seeing Cannon's sweet face that just melts my heart. Each of my kids have physical attributes that I just fell in love with the moment I saw them. Cannon's was his chin. It is just sweet. I don't know another word for it. So sweet will work. And yes he is showing me a booger.

As Cameron and I were pushing Reece (asleep the whole time) around the park I came to realize that I am almost to the moment of completeness. It felt like the most natural thing to look up and see Gracelyn and 3 little boys following on their bikes all going at different speeds winding the walk. It was one of the most surreal moments in my life. Of course I went into the mode of when Gracelyn's 10 Reece will be Mason's age now and won't that be so different than now. After about the 4th scenario I threw out Cameron stopped me and said and when we are old the kids will be older. Okay smartie I get it. This is a mommy moment not shared by you. That's okay I'll blog about it. He is such a NOW person. What is going on NOW~so he didn't find the joy of what I was speaking of. Like I said it was a mommy moment for sure. I just loved it. I loved getting a small glimpse of our future. Of these boys playing and loving on each other with a girl's differentness (that is a word~I think) thrown into the mix. It was just a special gift from God for that hour and I took it and held it and put it away for safe keeping. I plan to dig it up when we are having an especially hard day of drama, toughness, attitudes and orneriness and relive this moment. Because as much as I am a one-day-at-a-time type of gal I love to dream and think of whens, what ifs, and maybes occasionally.


Two is way cooler than four

The only time that two is better than four is when you go from four wheels to two. Look who is now a master at the two wheeler!!!

Cannon has never been a big bike rider. In fact his bike came used to us and we never thought about replacing it because there was no desire to get better or ride it. It saved us money really. He had plenty of other wheeled toys to occupy his time so don't feel sorry for the poor boy just yet. :) Well Tuesday afternoon after school he asked Cameron to take the wheels off of his tricycle and he just took off. I think it maybe took Cameron a few minutes of coaching but really that is it. He is a master at it now! :) The bike is way too small for him now so we will be upgrading this week. I love how he cycles with a smile on his face ALL THE TIME. So much fun for him!! YAY CANNON!!!

And yes we wear cowboy boots while riding our bikes around here!