Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Because he's cute...

And big and growing and becoming too independent...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Battle of sickness

Mason had hernia surgery Wednesday. It was successful and uneventful praise GOD! He did great and I was amazed at his recovery. He is one tough dude!

Reece on the other hand is in the hospital 2 days later with RSV & pneumonia. Yes you read that right...BOTH! So we are giving lots of fluids, breathing treatments and hugs. He has such sad sick eyes. :(

We are thankful for his supernatural healing that is taking place. We are also thankful for your prayers!!!

On a much brighter note, Mason is now 5! He made it!!! There were days I wondered if he was going to see 5. He's such a mess! But goodness he's a great mess. I love that boy with my whole being!!!

And as always pictures are out if order and below the post. How do I fix that using the blogger app on my phone?? Anyone???