Monday, June 11, 2012

Miss Wildcat of 4D

I think she deserves Miss Wildcat of the whole school personally. She was excited to be voted MC by her peers. Plus she received a few other awards that made us extra proud. She such a star student.

Ms. Stevenson was such an awesome teacher and I loved seeing her love on my sweetheart.

Off to a new campus next year. I'm not thrilled. I threatened to have her held back just to be with me one more year. Oh how I wish.

We're moving on up...

First grade here we come.

Cannon's kindergarten graduation ended our school year and it was so much fun! Well as much fun as 100+ kinders & 3-4 adults per child could have in an EXTREMLY hot cafeteria.

Cannon's teacher is a grandma and just so sweet. I loved her for my boy. She really fostered his leadership abilities too. Mrs. Sanders constantly referred to him as her leader and had high expectations for behavior from him. Cannon was the tallest kindergartener in the entire school and he knew it!!! He also had the smallest kindergartener in his class. They were a sight next to each other!

We of course got to see M&M graduate as well but my pictures didn't turn out. :(

Sunday, June 3, 2012

All aboard the potty train

Well we've started round 2. It's marginal progress but I'm so tired of diapers. Reece has a pretty bad case of heat rash so this is what prompted me to try again. He just so darn cute in his wonderwear!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Holidays in May

There are lots of holidays in May, some are on everyone's calendar and some are just on ours. We celebrate them all! Some big ones we put more time into are my birthday and Mother's Day. Cameron really went out of his way to make sure I was properly celebrated. First, I got flowers delivered to school. They were gorgeous! Yellow/orange roses with pink stargazer lillys. B-e-a-utiful!!! We went out to eat and a movie. So much fun!

Then on to Mother's Day. I love being a mom. Plan and simple. I love every stage of babyhood to 9 3/4 year olds. I'm just thankful some stages are shorter than others. I NEVER thought I would have 4 kids though. I knew we'd have 2 for sure but 4?!? Each one is sooooo unique and bring such joy to our family. We ate out and I got MORE sweet cards and flowers from my kids. It was such a fun couple of days.

My pictures are out of order...oh well.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

But it was pretty...

Nothing says grandma like a large print bible. But it was pretty.

I have wanted a new bible for years but never got around to finding one. I finally decided what I wanted, style, translation, perks...I had it picked out and was carrying it around but still had a nagging feeling it wasn't "the one." So I laid it down and started looking again. The bible I bought is NOTHING like what I had originally had (besides the translation). I love the one I bought soooo much more.

And I decided that the reason I was putting off getting a new bible was because of how much writing I had done in my old one. I didn't want to give it up. Yes I'll make new marks and notations but I loved having my personal references established. So to remedy this conundrum, I am excitedly going to go through my old bible and transfer most (if not all) of my notations. Weird, I know! But it was the only way I could walk out if Mardels with a new bible.

Ain't she a beauty?? Full of blessings, promises, love and wisdom.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's official...

I got my letter of intent last Wednesday and then was approved for employment on the 14th at the school board meeting. I'll be teaching 3rd grade for the 2012-2013 school year. (same as where I am currently).

I have asked the Lord to bring me joy in this transition and He has. I'm anxious to get this school year over with so I can enjoy my babies. I've missed them to bits. We will enjoy every minute of my 9 weeks off and then jump feet first into a new school year. If I can't be at home (where my heart desires to be) then the 2nd best place is at school with them. And who better to take care of Red? Boppy and Nana of course! Win-win!

My new favorite numbers!

Baseball is in full swing again. No tee this time. Cameron was OVER that after the first game last year. So coach pitch it is. The boys love it!! I'm not going to lie, I stand a little taller when Cannon gets up to bat and the coach moves the players back. The boy can hit! Yes he's at least a foot taller than the others, but he has a true passion for baseball. Cameron has passed along his love of the game to Cannon. Mason on the other hand is still trying to see how far he can toss his glove into the air.