Thursday, May 17, 2012

But it was pretty...

Nothing says grandma like a large print bible. But it was pretty.

I have wanted a new bible for years but never got around to finding one. I finally decided what I wanted, style, translation, perks...I had it picked out and was carrying it around but still had a nagging feeling it wasn't "the one." So I laid it down and started looking again. The bible I bought is NOTHING like what I had originally had (besides the translation). I love the one I bought soooo much more.

And I decided that the reason I was putting off getting a new bible was because of how much writing I had done in my old one. I didn't want to give it up. Yes I'll make new marks and notations but I loved having my personal references established. So to remedy this conundrum, I am excitedly going to go through my old bible and transfer most (if not all) of my notations. Weird, I know! But it was the only way I could walk out if Mardels with a new bible.

Ain't she a beauty?? Full of blessings, promises, love and wisdom.

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  1. It is pretty...& I have done the same thing when I get a new bible-page by page I move my notes! ;)